Why cloud deployment is becoming key for businesses

Why cloud deployment is becoming key for businesses

The cloud is no longer a new technology, and the benefits of cloud deployment are amazing. Major organizations such as Coca Cola, HTC, Best Buy and General Mills are taking advantage of cloud technology. Whether you’re looking for flexibility, increased collaboration, automatic software updates or quick disaster recovery, the cloud can make sure your system is reliable and stress-free.

Netflix and Airbnb are both pioneers in cloud-based services. With a vast selection of movies and television shows, Netflix users are now able to watch whatever they want, whenever they want. Airbnb’s services allow homeowners to rent their home out to vacationers, all with a click of their mouse. These cloud pioneers show how the cloud can deliver the convenience and savings people are searching for from home, the airport or even the beach.

The fact that consumers are starting to expect the convenience and service offerings of the cloud means companies of all sizes need to get on board before they are left behind. Across Borders Management Consulting Group makes it easy. Working with the cloud is among our core offerings. We can help you determine what infrastructure is right for your needs, get you set up, and keep you on track. With the cloud, your security, accessibility, tracking, recovery, maintenance and more will be streamlined and simple—and your mind will be at ease.

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