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What is the process of hiring Contract
IT Resources?







01. Discussion

We meet with your IT team to discuss the requirements and specific details for the project or projects that need to be completed. 

02. Gather Candidates

We begin the process of selecting the best fit candidates for your requirement. 

03. Submit Candidates

We will send you 2-3 vetted resumes for the position within 48 hours. 

04. Select & Start

Once a candidate is selected, they will begin work immediately on your project!

Talent Solutions: Unleashing Digital Brilliance

In the vast expanse of IT landscapes, finding the right experts or talent is like searching for a needle in a digital haystack.  This is where Integrass emerges as the wizard that doesn’t just find talent; it conjures the perfect blend for your digital endeavors. Let’s embark on a journey through the enchanting realms of IT staffing, domain expertise, and the global symphony of onsite, nearshore, offshore, and remote talents.

IT Staffing: Crafting Teams Like a Digital Maestro

Consider Integrass as your digital maestro in the grand symphony of IT staffing. Staffing isn’t just about finding warm bodies to fill seats; it’s about crafting a team that speaks the language of your project, where every member is a maestro in their domain

So, whether you’re looking for coding virtuosos, IT wizards, or data whisperers, Integrass sifts through the digital haystack to handpick the talent gems that your project deserves.

Domain Expertise: Weaving Tales of Innovation and Mastery

Now, let’s dive into the artistry of domain expertise. Your project isn’t just a task list; it’s a saga waiting to unfold, enriched by the expertise of those who speak the language of your industry.

As the story of your project evolves, Integrass ensures that every chapter is woven with the finesse that comes from a profound understanding of your domain. Talent solutions become more than just placements; they become a narrative of IT innovation.


USA, Mexico, and India

When we say "Onsite," we mean right at your doorstep. Integrass ensures a direct presence in the USA, Mexico, and India. Whether you're seeking talent for a project in the bustling cities of the United States, the vibrant landscape of Mexico, or the dynamic tech hubs of India, our onsite solutions bring talent to your physical workspace.


USA, Mexico, and India

Our "Onshore" solutions extend beyond geographical proximity; they bring talent within the reach of your immediate shores. Picture this: talent solutions tailored for the unique landscapes of the USA, the energetic markets of Mexico, and the innovation hubs of India. With Integrass, onshore means more than just nearby; it means within your cultural and business landscape.


Mexico, Canada, and Latin America

For projects that require a bit more proximity, our "Nearshore" solutions encompass Mexico, Canada, and the vibrant countries of Latin America. It's not just about being nearby; it's about ensuring a cultural alignment that enhances collaboration. Integrass brings you talent solutions that bridge the geographical gap while fostering a sense of closeness.


India, Europe, and Asia

When the seas of talent extend beyond borders, Integrass provides robust "Offshore" solutions. Picture your project anchored in the expertise of India, the innovation of Europe, or the dynamism of Asia. Our offshore solutions aren't just about distance; they're about tapping into global talent pools strategically situated to elevate your project.

Integrass Talent App

streamlines talent acquisition, capturing your requirements precisely and reducing back-and-forth delays. Stop wasting time in the initial stage; our guided wizard simplifies the process, ensuring a seamless journey from inquiry to talent acquisition. Efficient, precise, and convenient – that’s Integrass Talent App for all your staffing needs



We have IT Resources from all over the world including North America, Asia, Central and South America. 



More than 75+ satisfied clients worldwide across numerous industry verticals 


IT Resources

Our team is over 150 experts strong and still growing!



We have experts in over 15 industry standard technologies


Skill Sets

We have more than 25 specialized skill sets to any requirement our clients may have

Need expert IT resources?


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Contract IT resources provide businesses the benefit of dedicated expert talent in flexible and scalable engagement models. Engaging Contract IT resources allows you to budget for the skills you need, when you need them, without the time and overhead cost for onboarding internal resources.

Integrass IT Talent Solutions develops lasting relationships with our client partners, creates competitive advantages for them and has been widely recognized with multiple industry awards.

We are a technology first company built and managed by IT professionals. This allows us to understand our clients needs and effectively help them achieve their goals. 

We have invested in a global talent pool of top IT and software professionals, and have built a streamlined talent acquisition process with flexible engagement models.

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