How to Succeed as an IT Consultant

How to Succeed as an IT Consultant

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Over the past few years, consulting has taken a drastic turn. We see more work-from-home opportunities along with the option to work on projects instead of signing onto a tenure. Whatever consulting you do, these tips can help you hit the ground running.

Understanding your Customer’s Business

To thoroughly understand your role, you must first understand the company you are working for. At first, you might not believe us as you are not going to be selling their company or be customer-facing. However, showing that you care to learn about their company allows them to trust you to make the correct decisions on how to move forward with specific IT projects. It lets them know that you want to implement a solution to achieve the best outcome.

Educating your customer

Not everyone can understand the in’s-and-outs of technology. However, that does not mean that you should keep your customer in the dark. When educating your customer, tell them the basics about their system and what areas need improvement. From there, educate them on solutions that would be value drivers for their business. Remember, consulting is all about relationships.

Be Resourceful

Somedays, you may face problems that you or the industry haven’t seen before. When this happens, don’t panic; remember that these complex problems may have simple solutions and can be solved by using what resources you have in hand. Start by looking at Google, then follow the chain of command. Ask your team if they have encountered this problem before. If not, bring it up to your manager. If you have exhausted all these resources, turn to external resources.  You are showing your team, your manager, and the company that you are willing and committed to solving any problem.

About Sri B is a technology management professional with an MCA & MS degree in Computer & Information Analytics. He has over 8  years of experience across the Finance, Banking, Information Technology, and Services industries. Experienced in Customer Engagement, Team Management, Program/Project Management, IT Consulting, and Delivery Management of services and resources for clients all over the Nation, Mexico, LATAM & India.

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