How Big Data means big results for nonprofits

How Big Data means big results for nonprofits

Dealing with limited resources is a challenge almost every nonprofit faces. Whether it is figuring out a way to communicate with clients and volunteers, tracking important statistics or keeping financials in line, it seems like every organization is trying to do more with less.

But though it might seem like cutting-edge technology is out of reach for nonprofits on a budget, it doesn’t have to be—and it can make a huge difference.

Across Borders has experience helping nonprofits communicate via e-newsletters, acquire volunteers electronically and provide online ways to donate and track costs. We also have experience with Big Data, another area that can mean big results for nonprofits.

One way Big Data can make a difference is in fundraising. A nonprofit may be spreading itself thin putting resources into emails, direct mail, and fundraising events. Big Data can help nonprofits look at its supporters and see which fundraising effort generated the most response. On top of that, it can predict future trends and help nonprofits make informed decisions.

Big Data can also help nonprofits in their missions. A perfect example is Freshwater Trust, a nonprofit working on river conservation. This nonprofit utilized Big Data to find the best solution to preserving a river in Oregon. Information about environmental factors, such as vegetation, amount of sunlight and slope of land, were gathered to create maps for water restoration projects. The maps were color coded based on priority, where the highest priority areas would have the most impact at the lowest cost. By utilizing this information, Freshwater Trust saved millions of dollars and provided new employment opportunities.

The amount of information Big Data provides is invaluable. Across Borders Management Consulting Group is here to help you make the most of the information. We strive to help nonprofits make the most of their missions—because giving back is part of our mission. Read more about our work in the nonprofit sector here.

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