Digital Transformation in Healthcare

Digital Transformation in Healthcare

True fact is that digital transformation is bringing down healthcare spending. Top organizations in healthcare sector are recognizing the motive of digital transformation. The achievement of this attempt banks on the digital technology.


It is not only about adopting new technical trends and modern tools which can alleviate the process of healthcare sector, but it is also about transforming the functional processes in healthcare and making it more robust and efficient. Transformation concentrates more on handling the information. Digital devices can be guided efficaciously by assembling information and it can be integrated to give machine-driven responses to the present and future health issues. Transformation is not possible using one technology or process. Organized design must be in place to employ with the process of healthcare revamp.

Increased approachability in cloud technology is for both the patients and doctor are alike. Patients can get their test results on cloud without waiting. More than 55% of the interactions with healthcare experts is happening through mobile devices using apps. Doctors are using different mobile medical applications and they are getting the information of drugs. EMRs and EHRs are moving on to the cloud. The traditional maintenance of patient’s record filling by paper is of yesterday’s thing. Doctors and the hospitals are in sync with patients by hiving away the patient records over the cloud to get continuous access with maintaining data security in their mind.

Revolutionary handling and canalisation of the data using Artificial Intelligence is the key factor for successful digital transformation. Using IoMT (Internet of Medical Things) concept, wearable devices and mobile are in sync to create medical health reports and data. This data helps to predict ongoing healthcare problems across the globe.

Mobile smart phones with healthcare applications can execute some basic blood tests, record body temperatures, ECG, and heartbeats. The applications will remind the patient to maintain ideal weight, oxygen & sugar levels, pulse etc. Considering this results, patient can maintain their health properly and minimize the higher risk of stroke, heart failure, and other ailments. Digital transformation seems to be more beneficial for the patients to get better and full access of best doctors and facilities at open costs.

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Vijay Krishnan
2 years ago

Good article