Big data: What it is and how it’s impacting the healthcare industry

Big data: What it is and how it’s impacting the healthcare industry

Big data—you’ve heard the term throughout the years, yet you may not know what it is or how it affects you. With the potential to change the operation of multiple industries, including healthcare, big data shouldn’t be overlooked.

Big data is every bit of data a business or medical center gathers. In the healthcare industry, this includes appointment information, patient demographics, diagnoses, prescriptions and everything in between. As your medical practice goes through its daily routine, the information gathered is stored on a computer system. This stored data is then put through different algorithms that find patterns and predict future trends and changes.

When it comes to clinical trials, patients are usually chosen from their applications. Big data provides predictive analytics, which makes it easier to find the perfect individuals for the trials. It can also help determine drug risks and environmental concerns. According to Environment of Care News, many workers in the healthcare industry are exposed to laser and electro surgery smoke, which cause health problems for the employees. The use of big data has helped predict which procedures will cause laser smoke and what techniques will limit employee exposure.

Personalizing care is difficult because of the large number of patients medical practitioners see. Each patient has unique needs and prescribing drugs may be tricky. Some drugs may not work for certain individuals, causing doctors to go through a trial-and-error process. Big data can show a patient’s genetic profile, which will make it easier to prescribe a medicine that works.

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