Are you ready for the holiday shoppers?

Are you ready for the holiday shoppers?

Holidays are celebrated in many different ways, but there’s usually one constant—presents. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or just the overall season, December is a prime month to boost sales. And traditional, in-store shopping is no longer the only way to capitalize on that demand.

According to Business Insider, Americans are planning to spend about $862 on gifts this season, which is a big increase from the $752 Americans said they planned on spending last season. American Research Group also found that the 61% of American adults surveyed plan to use the internet to purchase gifts, which is an all-time high.

It may be too late to implement an improved system for your business this year, but the trend is pretty clear, and it’s not going to change any time soon. To match this demand, you need to offer your customers a stress-free experience. This may mean some updates to both your websites and mobile applications.

People avoid in-person shopping to skip lines and escape the claustrophobic stores. But with the influx of online shoppers, your website may slow down. To offer the most pleasant experience, you must ensure your website is powerful enough to handle the influx of shoppers quickly, reliably, and efficiently.

Mobile applications can also be a pain for shopping if they aren’t updated and optimized for functionality, such as if there isn’t a detailed navigation bar and search option.

If you’re watching others’ sales outpace yours, now is the time to start preparing for next season’s holiday shopping rush. At Across Borders, we can not only make sure your website and app are functioning at top levels, we can also create an experience that engages customers across platforms, collects critical insights, and meets essential regulatory requirements. Call us at 407-641-9560 to start your update today.

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